Rise and Shine

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Rise and Shine

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These pipe sets come with one or more of big and little bowl sizes


"Two Spirits, One Heart" These pipe sets are inspired by, and celebrate the close relationships that people form with each other. Sometimes in life we meet another person with whom we just click with. The relationship bond formed is strong and lasting, even if the pair is separated by distance or circumstance. The "Two Spirit Pipe" sets are formed from a single piece of stone and carved and polished while still joined as one. Then the pair is separated, and each individual piece receives its final finish treatments. The two from the pair are then photographed and packaged together in a single shipping box to you to enjoy with your closest friend, spouse or partner. The "Two Spirits, One Heart" pipe set you choose is fully documented as a one of a kind original. While the artist creates many varieties of these pipes, they each have only a single "other" they will fit with. Because as they began as a single stone and only after being formed as one are they cut into two separate stone pipes, they naturally "fit" back together when the pair is again; placed side by side. This artwork is patent pending, (the artistic sculpture itself, and all descriptions, photographs and illustrations are also protected by copyright) and may not be copied in any way without the expressed written consent of the artist.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Grams 360.0000
Color Green
Bowl Diamantor Small
Draw Diamantor Small
Country of Manufacture United States