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"Not That Pipe from China" No offense to China


"Not That Pipe from China" No offense to China, but these pipe sculptures are decidedly influenced by life growing up in America. Influenced by so many wonderful and beautifully diverse cultures, and traditions. It is from our nation's loving and beautiful people which America is, and has always been made great. This collection of sculpture consists of medium to larger scale pieces of sculpture. They are identified by a larger than expected draw tube, and carburetor. Some of these pieces have rather unique and interesting features that really set your pipe apart from all the rest. These artistic sculptures, and all descriptions, photographs and illustrations are protected by copyright, and may not be copied in any way without the expressed written consent of the artist.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Grams 248.0000
Color Green
Bowl Diamantor Medium
Draw Diamantor Medium
Country of Manufacture United States