Add Another Notch

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Add Another Notch

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This was a fun pipe to carve


This was a fun pipe to carve, as the name "Add Another Notch" implies; you may have guessed what was on my mind when I named it. Although the truth is, it's been a long time since I needed to add another notch on anything other than pipes. Three notches adorn the top and two sides of the piece. The end and bottom are curved for a ergonomic type hold. The stone is dark green soapstone (we call it black because it's so dark) The stone has light grey and white speckles, and is certified asbestos free. The finish is semi-smooth. The bowl is large by my standards, with an experimental "sub-bowl" for a cleaner more efficient burn. There is no carburetor on the medium sized drawtube.
Additional Information

Additional Information

Grams 222.0000
Color Black
Bowl Diamantor Large
Draw Diamantor Medium
Country of Manufacture United States